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Escape from Trivia Island! - squirrelboiler
Escape from Trivia Island!

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And it was a near miss!

I joined the miasmac facebook when someone wanted to 'out' Rochelle Moore as a Fraud, Thief , Liar , plagiarist and scam-artist. And so it was done. The nice group of people brought together to accomplish this task had a common bond and goal and a little light socializing, well, it was fun.
But than it was over.

Or so I thought. At least, I thought that the kind of glue that held people together for one thing might be of a more durable kind. But after the Rocky Horror Picture Show was over, everyone just drifted apart. That happens. One sees it all the time on line. However, some of the people enjoyed the other people's company and put together a forum in the hopes that we could also share thoughts *away* from the traffic accident known as RM.
But it never happened. People stayed on FB and the forum dragged. Very few people wanted to contribute to a style of forum outside the purview of FB.. O.K.. I had deleted all my accounts on FB and breathed a sigh of relief as FB owes it's existence to corporations that use their little bots to gather consumer info and also, the assorted criminal types that also like to gather info. and I'm way too computer paranoid to want to roll around in that scene.

But many people could not be enticed out of FB for love nor money. So in order to connect with a number of people ( all who knew where to find me outside of FB - and that right there should have clued me) , I opened another account.

But this time there was no *glue* so it was lots of random people whom had met each other through one 'cause' and now sorta hung out with people they 'friend' and visa versa.

I tried. Goodness knows I did. But *what* a place.I've been trying to work out the addictive factor that keeps people on there but all the conclusions I can come to are to be quite frank, rather pessimistic. Either I lack some element in my make-up when it comes to a sense of self importance or I don't understand this new kind of 'socializing' where people just post and post and post (in between tweeting, I guess) every moment of their lives no matter how small.I checked a person's wall one day and estimated they had made a post EVERY 15 MINUTES for FIVE HOURS!. WTF? And while she's not the most prolific person, the *content* of so many other's posts are basically the same: what I ate, how I feel, how my child just said gwhahaha-ga, look at my new hat, dessert, nail polish, picture of me at age 2 and so on and on and on.
When it gets this bad, then people have stopped living for themselves and are now just living for the ostensible benefit of a bunch of cyber-space 'friends' who (apparently) just can't get enough of the scraps of their every thought and action no matter how trivial.

Almost everyone has become the *star* of their very own reality T.V. show and the camera is always...on.

What is weirder is that people who were writing to me years ago about somebody that had DESTROYED their lives - have now 'friended' that very person. Eh? Or is the amount of 'friends' equivalent to T.V. ratings? 620 people totally care about the hole in Fred's sock versus the picayune 320 'friends' interested in Vera's wish she could have a piece of chocolate right now and has a slight headache.
Do the people that *actually* take then post a picture of their bowl of pudding and comment on the new fridge magnet their little sweetums just made think that everyone on their list are hanging on their every typed word? If one of their 'friends' just got in a car accident, do they reckon that friend will insist on using their mobile in the ambulance in order to see if the prunes had a good effect on Jane's cousin's 6 year old? Or if their dog liked the new brand of dog food? "Wait Doctor, don't operate on my compound fracture just yet! I have to type a response to Carrie's fabbo picture of the goddess of slime-mold and find out if her kitty sneezed again!"

And the general IQ of so many of the people seems to have taken a swan dive since I was last there. I've never seen so much nodding of collective heads and such suspension of basic logic for a very long time. This is Happy Land where everything everybody does is just...OMG....Brilliant! Every opinion, no matter how unthinking and bigoted is...OMG...Fantastic - LOL! LOL! .
Just ... Stop.
Please re-read what you just agreed to. Are you really writing that it's O.K. to classify people according to some Stalinist list? Do you really think that piece of half-formed play-dough with sparkles on or that maudlin badly executed drawing is so swoon-worthy or that little hackneyed saying about thinking happy thoughts so deeply philosophical?

WHEN DID YOU GET YOUR LOBOTOMY? You used to be an intelligent and realistic person!

I tried. I was up against the 'wall' and so I threw a few things up there. But I don't really think either myself or the minutiae of my day are that interesting. And I'm sorry to tell you, I don't think yours is either. It's fucking boring beyond belief and trivalizes your good self.

I will keep an account open in case I have to reach someone. But no more pour moi. It's quiet here at LJ now but I like it. I can read what someone I like has to say and how they spend their day and enjoy that they edit it and put in the things that tell me more about *them* as a unique person and not just a bunch of words rolling down a screen at speed.

Illgrace - you know where to find me

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comfrey_1 From: comfrey_1 Date: October 14th, 2010 09:54 am (UTC) (Link)
oh yessss. I actually couldn't agree more and I'm afraid I left the RM debacle behind me some time ago. I just couldn't cope with it, especially when those accusing her of trolling, were rapidly, and quite revoltingly, becoming the trolls themselves.

Lifes too short and I dont need it and I left the form too because it was just as puerile. I am still on FB though but I've deleted everyone connected to the RM thing that I wasn't already friends with before that. I dont know these people and I found I have little in common with them. I'm just not "that" type of pagan anymore and I'm not a member of any anymore forum either.

No. Actually there was one lass I rather liked but I discovered she was bestest fwends with someone I knew 10 years or so ago, who listened to crap and now despises me. Like I said life's too short.

It is good to see you posting here though love. Maybe I'll start to do so myself :)

Take care xx
elrohana From: elrohana Date: October 14th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm afraid I find FB jolly useful to keep track of lots of folk with whom I would otherwise only exchange words maybe once a year in person at events due to the busyness and distance of our various lives. What can I say, I like people. Most people on my FB list are folk I have things in common with, many are old friends, some are newer friends, others are only acquaintances. I use FB as I used to use LJ, to vent and brain dump, and remind myself what I have been up to. I find since I took on this new job I rarely have time to write a detailed post on LJ but a 1-liner on FB is easy. Its a way of chatting to people without having to engage for any great period of time. If that makes me a bit shallow and harsh, I'm afraid that's something I will have to live with for now till I manage to claim some time back in my life :(
squirrelboiler From: squirrelboiler Date: October 14th, 2010 07:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

As a 'connection utility'

I have no problems with FB. I know lots of people that also find it very useful. An example would be a person I know who has family all across the U.S. (a very big country) and the saving in phone bills and such is wonderful. I also know someone who trains world-class silversmiths in a small town in Mexico and it's nice to get reports from the students as they migrate all over the world.

As a social utility it is very useful. I was totally gobsmacked to find how many of the 'disapeared' have a FB page. Another interesting change in cyber land is that people tend to use their real names on FB , a phenomenon I've not seen before. I still don't and never will but perhaps it's a good sign .

Cyber space goes through phases. Once there were chat-rooms, then google groups then forums. Some of those forums were HUGE. Then people got tired of those and started going to places like MySpace and FB. It's no shame and it ain't no crime. Some great music and art has been launched out of those places. I believe they have great potential for many interesting cultural and social aspects.

But I still don't understand why instead of using them as social connections or platforms for projects, people just use social networking sites to inform the rest of the world about their every move or thought.

There are two dynamics I am watching in this. One that looks like a stunted attention span and the other a strange irony and they are linked together.

One of the things demanded on forums is that people actually put together a cohesive response which may address a number of points. A person actually asked me to join a debate on FB for this very reason: I can and do still address an issue fully. Yet this person is intelligent and fully able to do so themselves. They just don't *want* to, I guess. It's a form of laziness that is encouraged by the sound-bite nature of tweets etc. Also, if you want to tell me something, I know you will write to me . But it seems now that one can just blah on, that people feel that is an adequate substitute for writing a dedicated letter or response to someone - it's "Read My Blog" all over again: impersonal and (here's the irony part) distancing people one knows. Instead of writing to individuals, people now write to the world and feel this is adequate to hold their 'friends' close - it becomes an 'anti-social' utility.

It's only my opinion. However, this opinion was reinforced last week when I recieved a hand written card in the mail from someone. I couldn't remember the last time someone took the time to get a card or piece of paper, take pen in hand and really think about who they were writing to. And it shocked me. I'm all for the paperless society to save trees, but there is no substitue for a phone call or even, a dedicated e-mail to let people know you are thinking about *them*, not about how *they* appear to the multitude.

I guess I'm just an old neo-Luddite :).


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